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Hello! My name is Shauna Athena Rae Samargis - I am an Herbalist, Reiki Master, Water Priestess,  Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified WATSU® Therapist.  

Thank you so much for taking a moment to see what I am creating!  I can really use your help and support in this endeavor of love.  I have been given an amazing opportunity and need to raise money to repay this opportunity.  In November 2021,  I received, dismantled and packed home from Ashland, Oregon a MOTHER POOL of 13 Years Life Serving the Aquatic Ashland Community 

Pool specifications:


  • 16 foot diameter soft-shell with all steel posts 

  • External pool insulation and wood frame surrounding 

  • Heater- Mater Temp 250, natural gas

  • Pentair Clean and Clear filters

  • Silver/Copper ionization system from Carefree Clearwater

  • Anode

  • Pump- Hayward Max-Flo XL 520

  • Ladder

  • External Woodier Starts and platform, Cedar vacuum and hose, long handled brush and skimmer

  • Pool Chemicals.


               The cost of this pool and the amount I need to raise is $2800.00


Your generous contribution will help pay for this pool and all of the equipment received by my integrity to repay for Her. I am currently looking for a home for us, to set up along the Coos Bay area, or close to the coastal inland region. 


This Healing Pool will be a private healing space for our community to receive Aquatic Therapies, Water Immersion and Moon rituals.

Being in the warm waters of a healing pool or sacred body of water, receiving water, being truly held,  is like being in the center of life in creation's space, the amniotic womb .  It can also feel like being in outer space, orbiting your own Self's heart center.  Truly the deepest aspects of our consciousness can be accessed through this portal, restructuring and remapping our bodies signals, tissues, traumas, and energy blockages - creating Bliss and Harmony. 

I intend to serve as keeper & guardian (aka pool keeper) and will hold space by offering services including knowledgeable aquatic therapy, WATSU®,  stretching and breathwork workshops, energy/QI activation sessions, sound healing sessions, as well as water immersion and moon rituals. 


Thank You so much for your support and generosity!

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