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Deep Tissue


Pain Relief

Private Pay

60 min $80

90 min $110

$5 debit/credit card fee

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Swedish Massage is a gentle type of full-body massage that’s ideal for people who are new to massage, have a lot of tension or are sensitive to touch.


It helps release muscle knots and is a good choice for when you want to fully relax or manage pain.  During a Swedish Massage your massage therapist will execute methods of kneading, long, flowing strokes in the direction of the heart, deep circular motions, vibration/ tapping and passive joint movement techniques.

Deep Tissue Massage uses more pressure than a Swedish massage.  It’s a good option if you have chronic muscle problems, such as soreness, injury, or imbalance.  It can help relieve tight muscles, chronic muscle pain, and anxiety.


During a Deep Tissue Massage, your massage therapist will use slow strokes and deep finger pressure to relieve tension from the deepest layers of your muscles and connective tissues.  While deep tissue may be more intense, you shouldn’t feel any pain or soreness.

Myofascial Release

additional $10 per 60 minute session

Myofascial Release is a type of physical therapy used to treat myofascial pain syndrome and treat chronic pain


Myofascial Pain Syndrome is a chronic pain disorder usually originating from specific points within your myofascial tissues called trigger points.  This pain can be generated from skeletal muscle or connective tissues that are 'bound down' by tight fascia. In addition, pain can also be generated from damaged myofascial tissue itself, sometimes at a trigger point where a contraction of muscle fibers has occurred. In either case, the restriction or contraction inhibits blood flow to the affected structures, thus accentuating the contraction process further unless the area is treated.


Myofascial Release focuses on reducing pain by easing the tension and tightness in the trigger points thereby stretching and loosening the fascia so that it, and other contiguous structures, can move more freely, and the patient's motion is restored.





At Therapeutic Innovations we use Anodyne® Infrared Therapy Systems medical device on our patients to increase circulation and reduce pain, stiffness, and muscle spasm.


This system was the first Infrared Light Therapy product cleared by the FDA (1994), and it remains the premier evidence-based light therapy product on the market today.

Detox Infrared Sauna

$8/ hr


Sweating is one of the body’s safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health.  That is why our
Detox Infrared Sauna is specifically designed to promote a deep, healthy and natural detoxifying sweat.


Detox Infrared Saunas are a type of sauna that uses heat and light to help relax and detoxify the body. Also called far-infrared saunas or near-infrared saunas, these omit infrared light waves that create heat in the body, causing you to sweat and release stored “toxins.”


“Detoxification is important because it strengthens the body’s immune system and helps the body’s biochemical processes function efficiently so that we are better able to digest the nutrients in our foods. Detoxification has also been shown to be helpful with colitis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, auto-immune disease, immune deficiency states, autism, ADD and ADHD.” – Dr. Rachel West

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